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Valsequillo is 30 minutes away from Puebla City

Valsequillo is 30 minutes away from Puebla City

In the off case you have exhausted every interesting and beautiful sight inside the capital city of Puebla, or have already visited all the coffee shops, handmade utensils stores, food stands, museums, dwellings, and every other imaginable place inside the city, there´s the trip to Valsequillo that can be done in the same day or be prolonged as long as you wish, since this place, much of a natural reserve inside Puebla, is just 30 minutes away from it; you just have to follow the Valsequillo Boulevard (or Manuel Avila Camacho) and pass up the San Francisco Teotimehuacan, five miles ahead you will find the place.


You can dine and stay in one of the many cabanas and restaurants in Valsequillo

This place is famous for its recreational status and of course, the lake, the dam and the zoo. A lot of people from inside and outside the city come to spend the weekend of even holidays in this place, seeing as it has many outdoorsy activities and places to rest and stay, and is also pretty accessible. You can dine at one of the many food stands and restaurants in the zone, celebrated for their delicious diversity of food; participate in one of the many diversion activities or stay at one of the hotels and cabanas.

The site is full with many rappelling and hiking routes, the natural walls of Los Pericos, ideal for escalating; aquatic activities like boat rides and fishing on the lake, a stroll on the nearby grounds, a bicycle or horse ride. There´s a great variety of florae and fauna, red oak forests, eucalyptus, prickly pear, manioc, water hyacinth, four leaves clover; rabbits, squirrels, Mexican possum, weasels, skunk, moles, ducks and other birds, and crickets, besides the fish, like carps, tilapia, sea bream and common frog, amongst many others, due to the joining of the rivers Atoyac and Alseseca.


Fishing on the lake is very popular

There´s also one of Puebla´s most known for places, the Africam Safari Zoo, with a population of 1500 animals of 200 species, where each one has its own adapted habitat and of which the variety ranges from ecosystems all around the world. The Zoo is very popular nationally and internationally, its population grows constantly and very exotic and endanger species are cared for and breed successfully in here, and visitors can be close witness to this by strolling around open areas where amiable animals can coexist with humans, secured strolls, closed areas, night and morning shows and activities, fulfilling the function of a very modern zoo while preserving, educating, amusing and making investigative labor in wild animal life and care.


Africa is a very modern zoo

So, if you are out of options for this weekend, Vasequillo is at short distance from the urban civilization, putting a natural different environment just at arm’s reach, well worth the car ride.


You can coexist with some of the animals in Africam Safari (the tigers are isolated)

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